Who we are


Femin Ijtihad (FI) stands for “critical thinking” of gender notions and laws. As a project for Strategic Advocacy of Human Rights, we work to bridge the gap between the flourishing academic research on Muslim women’s rights and grassroots activism.

This purpose stems of the acknowledgement that many activists and lawyers have limited access to emerging scholarship, ideas and legal arguments on gender equity and may benefit from increased availability of such resources.

Our Priorities

1. Facilitating dialogues amongst lawyers and activists on tackling gender-stereotyping and misinterpretations of law.

2. Providing training on strategic advocacy of women’s rights through a coherent multi-disciplinary approach.

3. Promoting techniques for engaging with men as partners.

4. Writing legal briefs and appeals to address legal issues surrounding a violation or omission by the governments.

5. Providing one-to-one mentorship to lawyers and activists involved in women’s rights cases.

6. Conducting research on gender-equitable applications of both Islamic and international law

Our goal is to bridge the divide between academia and practice, by showing activists how can they utilize academic scholarship to address women’s rights through legal and religious discourse. We do this by a) sharing scholarly ideas and legal arguments on gender equity b) training lawyers how to strategically use legal discourse and, c) providing assistance by drafting legal opinions and analyses.

Over the years, academic ideas and theories have flourished the re-understanding of women’s rights in law and society. These ideas are invaluable to the work of political and grassroots activists, especially in places where such information is essential yet extremely inaccessible. We hope that through our work, the ideas and arguments for gender equity can be accessed and used by the people who really need them.

Request for Research & Information 

We share our collection through our Online Digest, newsletters and reflective summaries. We welcome activists, students, researchers and organizations to connect with us if they are interested in obtaining information and training on any of the themes mentioned above. The information we share can be used in the design and implementation of training workshops, community engagement, lobbying and legal reform efforts.

Contact: natashalatiff@feminijtihad.org


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