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K.C. Moyin v Nafeesa

The marriage between the appellant and the first respondent took place in 1950 and a child was born of the marriage. After the birth of the child, the wife was taken away from the appellant by her parents. All the efforts by the husband to get his wife back failed and therefore the appellant filed a suit before the Munsif’s Court, Calicut, for restitution […]

Muhammad Rafique v Ahmad Yar

  Taj Bibi was married to Ahmad Yar (the appellant). According to her statement before a Magistrate, she was divorced on 6-8-1980 as she was maltreated and accused of bad character by her husband. Thereafter she went to the house of her parents. According to her, they wanted to give her hand to person whom […]

The State v Mst. Tauqir Fatima

Husband and wife were married in India, and after they migrated to Pakistan, he deserted her. This was the reason that the respondent filed an application for maintenance allowance under section 448 of the Criminal Procedure Code. An order granting maintenance was issued by the Additional City Magistrate. However, the husband was dissatisfied and filed a revision application […]

Mst. Balqis Fatima v Najm- Ul- Ikram Qureshi

The parties performed a nikah ceremony without rukhsati (the wife continued to live with her parents). So the marriage was unconsummated. In 1952 the wife filed a suit for dissolution of marriage on the following two grounds: That the husband had failed to provide maintenance for a period of more than two years. That the husband was associating with […]

Syed Ahmed Khan v Smt. Ishrat Jehan Begum

The parties were married in the year 1968. The husband Syed Ahmad Khan had already a wife living when he married the present wife Smt. Imrat Begum. The parties are supposed to have lived and cohabited together only for about a year and it was stated in the husband’s complaint dated the 29th Oct., 1973 […]

Khurshid Bibi v Muhammad Amin

Khurshid Bibi was married to Muhammad Amin, and her brother was married to his sister. Since there were no offspring of the wedlock, Muhammad Amin took a second wife. Khurshid Bibi then demanded a separate house and though he promised it to her, he failed to fulfill his promise. She complained of maltreatment at his hands. Muhammad Sharif, her brother, […]