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Alternative Strategy to Prosecuting Marital Rape

This may be particularly relevant for activists in jurisdictions where marital rape has not been criminalized. It may be an alternative strategy to take. “In Meera Dhungana for FWLD v. Ministry of Law an Justice (Nepal) 509 the Public Interest Litigation was filed with the Supreme Court stating that Section 1 of the Chapter on Rape did not include […]

Rani v The State

At 7 months pregnant, Mst Rani lodged an F.I.R alleging Faqiro, aided and abetted by Rehmat raped her at knife point, which subsequently resulted in her pregnancy. Upon arrest under the 1979 Zina Ordinance, alongside other involving members, both of the accused were acquitted by the learned judge on lack of supporting evidence and “inordinate delay in lodging the […]

Safia Bibi v The State

The father of Safia Bibi lodged a complaint on behalf of his daughter, an unmarried twenty-year-old suffering from acute myopia, who had been subjected to Zina-bil- Jabr by Maqsood Ahmed whilst working for his family. Under shock she told her mother about the incident and refused to continue working for this family. Nonetheless, she reluctantly […]