Welcome to Women’s Rights and Case Law Database. This resource is a compilation of case reviews, methods in interpretation and litigation strategies for lawyers and activists. Through this collection, you can read and follow innovative judicial reasoning and decisions on women’s rights in civil and criminal law cases.

These resources are valuable to lawyers and activists who are exploring different methods and approaches to interpreting statutory and Islamic law to effect gender-equitable/equal outcomes. You can use these resources for research, case preparation, lobbying and training activities.


We will continue to post methods in interpreting Islamic and International law as has been successfully applied in Courts around the world.

The cases are selected on the basis of their relevance for researchers, activists, lawyers and judges invested in:

1. Developing a comparative understanding and analysis of how law is interpreted and applied in courts.

2. Monitoring judicial trends and judicial activism in higher and lower courts.

3. Synthesizing how judges have reasoned both gender-equitable and gender-biased conclusions.

4. Developing persuasive legal and Islamic arguments for training and advocacy programs of women’s rights activists and lawyers.

We hope that these resources will be useful to your work.

Developed by and Special Thanks

Anna Dugoni, Deepti Somani, Devika Agarwal, Deya Bhattacharya, Nikita Agarwal, Tanya Sharma, Sneha Deka, Nafeesa Hussain, Naureen Shameem, Maria Fossarello and Natasha Latiff.


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